New Year’s resolutions for your pet

What would your pet’s New Year’s resolutions be? Most probably, they would be different to what you would set for them. Treats, toys, walks and cuddles, and more treats, and all of these are great resolutions. But you, as the mature responsible adult, the human bossman or woman, the leader of the pack, clearly it is up to you to set your pet’s New Year Resolutions. In fact, your pet relies upon you to do the right thing for and by them. Here are a few thoughts for you to consider for your pet in 2015.


Do you do the best you can for them with food? You know what they say; “you are what you eat”, it’s the same for your pet. Is your pet looking a bit pudgy, or sluggish, dull coat, not feeling him or herself? A change in diet can change their behavior almost immediately, and a healthy pet is a happy pet. Do some research, start reading labels, ask your pet loving friends, the store keeper; a few enquiring questions here and there may be all it takes to make a few minor changes that can have a major impact on how your pet feels.


How often do you change their water, and what sort of water do you give your pet, is the water quality the best you can do, or do you need to evaluate the water quality. If you have filtered water for yourself, then maybe you could also extend this to your pet. We all need water, make it a habit to change your pet’s water regularly.


How much exercise does your pet need? Next time you are at the vet, get their opinion. Do you think what you do now is enough, or perhaps on some days you can go that little extra distance, and if your pet doesn’t go out, like cats, then maybe a playful toy can keep them active? It’s all about taking the time to research. After all, your pet is part of the family, and it is your responsibility to look out for them.


It is never too late to start training your pet, and once you do train them in a certain area you need to keep reinforcing it. Your pet really needs you to take control, and a well-trained pet is a pet that others don’t mind having around. You can do formal training or there are systems on the market that teach you how to be the trainer, and after all, it is up to you to carry through with the training, and training builds a strong relationship between pet and human.


Bath, trim and fluff. Your pet may not like the process of grooming, but they do usually like the end result of feeling clean and pampered. And regular grooming can keep allergies and other ailments under control. Don’t forget the teeth cleaning, the more you can do yourself the less expensive vet visits and less unpleasantness for your pet.

Health checks

Vet visits, vaccinations and monthly meds…it’s all part of being a responsible pet owner – it’s up to you to do the right thing for your furry mate! And the more preventative work you can do, the less likely your vet bill will escalate out of control.

Treats – Toys – Togetherness

Of course, from your pet’s point of view, you will want to include a few things like treats, toys, and togetherness. We all like a little treat now and again; everything in compromise, and who doesn’t like a little loving and petting.

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